Creativity really has no limits but your imagination. That’s what you’ll touch scanning through this collection of smart and brilliant advertisement billboards and posters. Some of the following ads has gone out of the classic flat (2D) billboards to creatively add the third dimension to them, the thing that make them really eye catching. You can’t walk by one of those billboards without taking a deep look.

flat-bebas-coming-soon-pageI keep getting surprised by the amount of traffic I get everyday from coming soon pages posts, and by how I rank well in some related keywords. So I decided to create more free professional HTML under construction pages in order to fill my freebies portfolio, and hoping to be the leader in that field. That’s why I ask you to be gentle enough and leave your feedback in the comment section.

I don’t know why the hell some bloggers keep explaining how much important are the Under Construction Templates for new web projects whenever they publish a collection of them. I’m sure you have been in other coming soon templates’s articles and read that same introduction about the importance of such templates before launching a website. Even though I did it in the previous collection because I lacked creativity in the introduction, I admit it’s a little silly.

Nowadays, the internet is full of oddities. But I’ve never thought I’ll find some websites all about demotivation. If you find it weird too, you must ask me: how did you have the idea of searching such websites in the first place ?

It has been a long time since I’ve published one of my own templates, and today I’m happy to release my latest HTML5/CSS3 template, YouRock. This one is “freemium”, because it has all the premium features with no charges at all. And most importantly it has a well structured code so that you can use it easily.

That single title is with no doubt the “secret” formula of any problogger success out there. Well, it may be confusing, especially if you’re a new comer to the blogging world, or you’ll probably say: it’s totally evident and that’s of course the only practical way to grow a blog. But believe me, it isn’t as simple as it seems to be.