If you want to know how addicted to blogging you are, you can take a lovely quiz of 14 questions here http://www.oneplusyou.com/bb/blog_addiction. I’ve got 78 %, feel free to leave a comment telling us how addicted to blogging you are.


Have you ever seen a font that you really liked but couldn’t found a way to know its name ? And you wished if it’s possible to scan it from an image. There is a solution for that, a little old, but I’m sure there are still many people who don’t know it. It’s a website called “What Font is” where you can identify the font you’re looking for just by uploading an image of it. http://whatfontis.com for more.

If you’ve watched “The Social Network”, you’ll certainly remember the first website that Mark Zuckerberg made before Facebook, which is Facemash, It was about rating the hotness of harvard girls.

About Page ! Oh About Page !
You stole my nights and bother my mind
Can you tell me what should I find
Just to not make my visitors blind
And let their fuzziness about the blog behind

I know that everyone reading this article is doubting about his About Page or didn’t write it yet because he is afraid of screwing it up. That’s why I’ve written these fabulous lines of poetry. It’s to show you that the majority of new bloggers are confused when writing a  About Page. But don’t worry, you’ll have your own friendly one by the end of this article.


I’ve passed many years traveling with friends , and what I’ve learned from it, is that you should just go with it when you’re more than three persons or you’ll never be ok on something. You’re five friends for example, everyone has his plan that he thinks it’s the perfect and the most entertaining one, and it get more complicated when you have the bigoted friend who is  a No-Man, he says no to everything and just for his pleasure, it’s a kind of psychological illness, he can’t feel all right if he didn’t say no to something


Fatal !! Yes they are, because I’ve personally made these 3 mistakes that I’m talking about and they have killed my will power of blogging in the near past, that’s why I’m writing this article, just to help new bloggers avoiding these experiences. I don’t claim to be a professional blogger who doesn’t make mistakes anymore, because we don’t know what the future may bring, but may be I can help with sharing my own bad experiences.