Here are some types of roommates I know.

The Sleeper: He is always sleeping. You find him in bed anytime of the day, in the morning, after lunch and after classes. Briefly, he has the power of sleeping continuously for days.

The Gamer: This one live and breathe video games. He is always gathering his friends to play championships. Even in class, his only occupation is to win against other players after classes.

The Movies addicted: Like the gamer, but with movies. He is watching movies the whole day. Every time I walk near to his room I hear explosions, cars drifting and women screaming.

Superman: He can spend all the night awake and live the next day without any troubles. It’s like he needs 7 hours of sleeping in 48 hours while we – normal people – need it for 24 hours.

The Thief: He thinks that everything in the room belongs to him. Briefly he takes what he needs, a kind of borrowing things without giving them back.

Person A: Wait, it’s my cap ?!
The thief roommate: I don’t think so, I found it in the floor
person A: So it’s yours?!

Mr Organization: I’ve lived with this one. His bed and desk are always clean and well-organized. He wants his stuff to be parallel with the table borders. One day he wanted to kill me because I’ve touched his book (that was parallel with his desk border) when I was in hurry.

The Active man: Or the planner. his roommate can suffer from loneliness because he is never in the room. He has always plans and activities to do with other students. He plans matches, parties, everything.

The Psychopath: His whole life is weird. You can find him boxing the wall or cutting his hair by himself. He can spend two hours in the bathroom and you’ll never find out what he was doing that time.

The Chaos man: His room is a mess. He never care to his grooming and nothing bother his mind, always cool.

Have you ever lived with someone of these roommates ?


  1. outlet says:

    Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol!

  2. Virus says:

    lol , the active man :D

  3. Youssef Nassim says:

    Hey Virus ! long time no see…while you like the active man, I’m in love with the psychopath, and you’re a kind of him, no offense, you know what I mean…

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