That single title is with no doubt the “secret” formula of any problogger success out there. Well, it may be confusing, especially if you’re a new comer to the blogging world, or you’ll probably say: it’s totally evident and that’s of course the only practical way to grow a blog. But believe me, it isn’t as simple as it seems to be.

I have spent an average of 3 years blogging and reading about blogging, and last night I was thinking: what if I want to come out with one and only one piece of advice that will be my answer whenever someone asks me about some blogging tips. After squeezing my mind a little bit and getting inspired from an old business advice, I only could think of blogging as the best way to succeed blogging. So from now one, whenever I get the question about blogging, my answer will be like: blog, and keep doing it! or something else like that.

The first second that formula popped out in my mind, it has came as a hole concept because of my modest and kinda long experience with blogs. So I’ve tried my best to organize everything in big headlines and I did that in three parts hoping you’ll get what I want to say. But first, let me clear out something just in case you’re really new to blogging. This formula isn’t literally applicable, when we create a blog (design & CMS), we start writing content but we need to market the blog as any new product. Let me put it this way:

Internet Marketing + Blogging regularly = Blog definitely growing

So far, I assume you already know the marketing part, otherwise said, the classic ways of bringing traffic to your blog. Anyway, I’ll talk about them as we go along.

The Start or The Launch

I’ll allow myself to talk about my little story with blogging and internet, just in some lines and of course for the sake of the subject.

Briefly, my first use of internet was online video games. Then I’ve spent a lot of time in -French- forums. I also participated in arab design communities a long time ago. After accumulating enough experience about boards moderation, I started my first website ever, which was a forum dedicated to photofiltre users. The guy who bought me the domain name (yeah! back at the time, I didn’t even know that you have to pay for a dot-com) kept telling me that I should start a blog for the forum because it’s gonna bring me more traffic. But he only wanted more money because I’ve discovered later that he was hustler. Anyway, his idea kept playing in my mind, but I didn’t dare to start blogging even though I knew blog are gonna be the next big thing because we started hearing and seeing many guys making some cash from their blogs, and my comfort zone was only forums. I didn’t know any technique of Internet Marketing. All I was used to do when starting a new board, is partnering with my old acquaintances from the forums I was involved with. And also, French people are easy going, they get involved easier than Americans.

One year later, I started many blogs but couldn’t keep up, because I was committing one of the biggest mistakes, which is expecting instant traffic. My only readers were my friends and maybe their friends (thanks to facebook).

Basically, the first part will still be fuzzy until I say that if I didn’t start, I wouldn’t be able to understand that you’ll never get readers just by creating a blog and telling your friends at facebook. So, If you’ve an idea and still doubting, JUST START !

Middle of the Game

So far, I knew something was missing, which is obviously internet marketing. But I didn’t even know that term back in the day. After that, I cut my relationship with blogs for more than on year, but I was reading from time to time about the techniques to get traffic because I’ve discovered many precious blogs like problogger, coppyblogger and -later- the famous quicksprout. It’s there where I’ve discovered that you should build an online presence, and for that, you need to do many “boring” stuff like guest blogging (which I’ve never did before, not even for AllKickass, because I’m just having fun, and I got lucky to bring an average of 9.5k visitors a month and 14k pageviews just with SEO), comment on other blogs, use social media etc…

“Then, I accidentally did the thing that led me to the 9.5k visitors and 14k pageviews I’ve talked about, and that’s why I insist in just keeping it up.”After a while, I got the idea of AllKickass. As an amateur web designer, I thought that I’ve nothing to loose if I started a blog and shared what I know about web design without giving an attention to traffic and ranking. And that’s what I did. I kept blogging and blogging in the first couple of months till I found what’s gonna work for me. Briefly (to explain my case), as we all know, the web design niche is so competitive, big and already led by many old blogs. And as I was just starting, I had some CSS templates that I wanted to share in my blog -knowing that I had no intention to follow the boring and classic ways of getting visitors-. The problem was obviously that a bunch of other popular blogs are doing the same thing, and they are also well ranked in search engines in that specific field. Then, I accidentally did the thing that led me to the 9.5k and 14k pageviews visitors I’ve talked about, and that’s why I insist in just keeping it up. Well, that thing was publishing an article about the famous Facemash, and after a couple of weeks, I noticed that the article is getting a daily 10 to 30 visitors just from google, which mean it’s ranking well in relative keywords of that subject. Then I’ve realized that I could get some interesting traffic from search engines by playing around small sub-niches of my field.

Later, using what I concluded, I’ve published the post that’s getting me the most daily pageviews (200 to 300). The idea was that instead of posting articles about -the big category- CSS templates, I posted articles about sub-categories that may rank higher in search engines, like under-construction and coming-son templates…And also I created my own CSS under-construction template instead of wasting time on general templates that can take 2 to 4 days of work sometimes, and that single template is getting me 50 to 100 visitors everyday. After a while, My other templates started seeing the light of day because the blog was getting a little famous and old, especially that I have many blogs (more than 10) linking to my coming-soon template by their own choice, which is good for AllKickass and for me as motivation, it has made me feel a little useful the to web.

“and for motivation, try to do it just for fun, yeah! consider your blog as an archive to keep your stuff.”Ah! long story! I know. But what I want you to get from this part is that when you start, you’ll face a lot of difficulties many times, but you have to beat them every time, and for motivation, try to do it just for fun, yeah! consider your blog as an archive to keep your stuff. And then, find out what’s working for you, because each blog has its own journey. Behind every successful blog there is a unique story. So whatever the techniques you’re trying, just keep blogging and you’ll discover many unexpected things during your blogging life.

The End of the Game And the Conclusion

“it’s a double-profit project for me, having a platform where I can share my stuff with the world, and improving my language since I’m a Moroccan.”After months of your launch, assuming you’ve kept blogging regularly, your traffic may reach a kind of a roof and stick to it for a long time as long as you’re still doing the same thing. Let’s take again AllKickass as an example. The work and little effort I’ve put on it in the first months has gotten me an average of 9.5k visitors and 14k pageviews a month, and stuck on it since then. I know 9500 isn’t really something to be proud of, but as I’ve already said, I’m just having fun with AllKickass. Instead of wasting time on something useless -like facebook- I decided to invest my time in blogging, and it’s a double-profit project for me, having a platform where I can share my stuff with the world, and improving my language since I’m a Moroccan.

Anyway, those were the three parts. I hope you are convinced through my story that the only way of succeeding blogging is blogging, because regardless of the techniques you’re using, you have to keep it going and find out what’s working and what’s not. Thas’s it. Make your journey !


  1. Ay says:

    Nice story and really good advices ! Thank you for sharing your experience

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