I love PHP. why ? Well because it’s one of the most used server-side scripting language in the world and it has a very large community, that’s why. And that’s why I spend some of my free time digging cool PHP scripts over the web. Sometimes I find funny but useful clones scripts, like the old facemash. In this list you’ll find 5 PHP scripts that are clones of existing websites and ideas.

I’m sure you all have seen “The Social Network”. I was really impressed by it and by the funny idea of Facemash, that’s why I want to help you creating your own one for fun purpose and I’m not responsible if anything happens…I’m just jocking, do whatever you want, rate your school girls if you dare. Rules are made to be broken, as our friend Mark Zuckerberg did in the past.

If you’ve watched “The Social Network”, you’ll certainly remember the first website that Mark Zuckerberg made before Facebook, which is Facemash, It was about rating the hotness of harvard girls.