Social Media Logotype Background
I don’t need to tell you that social media profiles are now something necessary for a website and you should build an audience in social networks to keep your readers aware of the new content by putting beautiful icons in the right place in every page of your website.
In this list, I’ve picked 15 packs of the most gorgeous social networks icons on the web from various designers out there.

It has been nearly a year since I posted our main source of traffic, the collection of 15 HTML coming soon templates, and it’s still getting us +200 unique visitors everyday, which lead me to do a little research on google to notice that those templates are not that numerous, and most of the cool ones are premium. So I’ve decided to make lot of them hoping they’ll meet your needs. But don’t expect fancy or cinderella stuffs, I usually go clean and minimalistic.

I love PHP. why ? Well because it’s one of the most used server-side scripting language in the world and it has a very large community, that’s why. And that’s why I spend some of my free time digging cool PHP scripts over the web. Sometimes I find funny but useful clones scripts, like the old facemash. In this list you’ll find 5 PHP scripts that are clones of existing websites and ideas.

It’s just a thing that I’ve done and called dirty social web experiment. I’ve tried to get some instant traffic from a dirty method that I don’t recommend using. Actually I tell you to avoid it because when I tried it I had nothing to lose, explanations are coming later in the post.

This method may and may not bring you traffic and it certainly don’t bring targeted visitors, but after all, this is just for inspiration and to show new bloggers out there that there are always some creative ways to get visitors in the early days of launching a blog.


One of the most popular posts on Geeksband is the collection of 15 beautiful under construction and coming soon pages, which shows their importance for new web projects, and also that the Internet has newborns (websites) everyday, which means by itself that the competition is getting harder and harder everyday.


If you are looking for free high quality HTML and CSS templates, you are in the right place because I present you a collection made by several web designers who look forward to a better web and to make it easy for web developers who don’t have time to design and code their templates .