It’s just a thing that I’ve done and called dirty social web experiment. I’ve tried to get some instant traffic from a dirty method that I don’t recommend using. Actually I tell you to avoid it because when I tried it I had nothing to lose, explanations are coming later in the post.

This method may and may not bring you traffic and it certainly don’t bring targeted visitors, but after all, this is just for inspiration and to show new bloggers out there that there are always some creative ways to get visitors in the early days of launching a blog.

[If you just wanna read the experiment, skip to the fifth paragraph which is the third part]

Online Presence is Everything

First of all I wanna talk about the classic ways of bringing traffic to your site and growing your blog, from social media and networking to guest blogging. These methods are with no doubt necessary and are always going to be, for the simple reason that you should have an online presence to grow whatever this thing you want to grow online, whether it’s a blog, forum, e-commerce website, portfolio… And trust me on this, it takes a lot of work and time and maybe money to build this goddamn online presence unless you got a bit of luck in your first days, but chances are that you’ll grow depending on the work and effort you’re putting on it, not on luck. Especially nowadays that we have millions of websites running on the web, and frankly, just a few bloggers make it the top, we can say a max of tens or even hundreds in each niche. But fortunately it’s a good thing for you because if you really have a good and high quality content you’ll make it one day with the leaders in your niche. You only need a good strategy to follow, the thing that you’re not going to find in this article because there are tons of blogs that can show you the best strategies to grow your blog, just google “How to get traffic” or even “How to blog”.

And I also want to clear out that internet has obviously run out of luck these last couple of years, because back in 2008, 2007, 2006 and before, a lot of websites and blogs that are now very famous didn’t do that much of promotion and marketing, just a little bit of luck and good content.

Well let’s talk about the dirty way I promised to show you. First, I want to explain myself when I told you in the introduction that I had nothing to loose when I tested this method. Well, it may be bad for your reputation if you wanna build a professional blog, but when I did it, I was just having fun and trying to see people reactions on this particular way. So it was a kind of a social web experiment. And believe me, it can truly work, and even get you your first readers, especially if your website is about humor and funny stuff.

[In this paragraph I'm going to talk about how I got the idea, you can skip to the next one if you want to just read the technique]

Horny Web Users

It was a Sunday morning, no I’m just joking, I don’t remember when but I’m trying to make an intro. One day early this year, I was thinking about which are the websites that have the most loyal users and visitors in the web except the big stars of course, like google, facebook and you know the others. So the first things that pop up to my head are news, celebrity gossip and adult content websites or pornography. And correct if I’m wrong, the users of the last category may be the most avid and loyal ones on the net and are really gluttonous about pornography websites because they always want more. So far, I thought that it’s easier to spread such a website than other kinds, and since I’m never gonna create a pornography website I stopped thinking about it. But what if I can use the avidity of those users for my interest and get a little traffic. Then the idea of making a fake “HD hot girls wallpapers” website came to my mind from nowhere.

HD Hot Girls Website

The principle is to create a fake website as I’ve said, with a misleading link (something like sexygirls.yoursite.com) and description (The latest photo shoots of the sexiest models on the web), but the website will only contain a sweet and funny landing page leading to your website of course. The landing page I’ve used had a troll face at the top and a short text with a link to the original domain name (something like “You were pranked…Go and do something useful instead, like visiting my interesting website.). I’ve spread it just in a couple of pages on facebook and tracked it with google analytic of course, and guess what, the fake website got something like a hundred of visitors in the first hour and If I remember, may be 25 of them have clicked on the link to my website. So we can say that 25% of the visitors has converted which is a good percentage.

One more thing, I used an old facebook account because I knew I’ll get suspended.


“This method doesn’t get you targeted traffic, but only some avid and horny users wanting to discover more hot girls stuff than it’s already on the web”Finally, as I said earlier in the notice, this method doesn’t get you targeted traffic, but only some avid and horny users wanting to discover more hot girls stuff than it’s already on the web. I highly recommend not to use dirty ways, they may be creative but they’re not good for business and business in general. Besides, there are tons of creative methods to generate traffic like top lists and infographics and I advice you to read one of my favorite blogs about that matter, Quicksprout of Neil Patel. That guy is really creative and real, you’ll get much useful tips from him.


  1. Ay says:

    Haha! loved the way you used! Thanks for the ispiration.

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