About Page ! Oh About Page !
You stole my nights and bother my mind
Can you tell me what should I find
Just to not make my visitors blind
And let their fuzziness about the blog behind

I know that everyone reading this article is doubting about his About Page or didn’t write it yet because he is afraid of screwing it up. That’s why I’ve written these fabulous lines of poetry. It’s to show you that the majority of new bloggers are confused when writing a  About Page. But don’t worry, you’ll have your own friendly one by the end of this article.Just calm down, take a paper and answer right now the following questions (respecting the instructions)

Who Are You ?

Here you should talk briefly about yourself and don’t forget that the About Page isn’t about you, because in the fact, it’s about your readers. Just your name, knowing that you can use a fake one, your career and where you are. Make sure to use a photo, because people want to know how you look like and also it helps to make a relationship with your readers which is a very important thing.

What is You Expertize ?

Now, you talk clearly about the objective of your blog, what kind of help, services or product you intend to give to your readers. For example comics blogs have as a service, making people laugh an relax after a hard work day, web design blogs provide useful tutorials to help beginners making beautiful websites…

How Can we Follow Your News ?

If a new visitor continue reading until here, he certainly wants to know more about the man behind the blog and how to contact him. So you should provide different connection ways to make it easy for people following your news and updates in the blog. For example a twitter account, a facebook page for your blog and the most important one for regular readers, the RSS feeds.

And now, after answering these questions the creative part begin. You have to organize what you’ve written by priority of importance. You can follow the order of the questions, but there are always exceptions. Whatever, let the contact information until the end.

Finally, I present you some creative About Pages to inspire you a little. And I’d like to know if it was helpful, feel free to say what is missing in the comments.

Second Lunch


Sean Geng


Smashing Magazine


Chris Spooner

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  1. Omar says:

    Thanks for the inspiring about pages. I also like your way of explaining.

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