I’ve passed many years traveling with friends , and what I’ve learned from it, is that you should just go with it when you’re more than three persons or you’ll never be ok on something. You’re five friends for example, everyone has his plan that he thinks it’s the perfect and the most entertaining one, and it get more complicated when you have the bigoted friend who is  a No-Man, he says no to everything and just for his pleasure, it’s a kind of psychological illness, he can’t feel all right if he didn’t say no to something

“we’re going to the beach this evening “ but he says “No ! I prefer to have a rest in order to keep our energy for the night”

I’ve notice something common about this kind of guys, all what they think about when hanging out with friends are girls, like if there isn’t other beautiful things to do and share when you’re in a trip, especially if you’re discovering special new places (monuments or breathtaking views), so please if you’re one of them, I want to tell you that there is bunch of unforgettable things to do in a trip instead of hunting girls (as they call it). So that’s why I pay attention to the people I travel with, I’m not talking about friends, you don’t know what the time may brings, and I don’t want to make my holidays suck.

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  1. Omar says:

    I’ve had the same experiences with some no men

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