Yeah ! Geeksband is one year old, exactly six days ago. Basically this is just a thank you post and a promise that I’ll try my best to keep this blog going, improve the content and most important keep a regular posting schedule which is after a long thinking, once or twice a week.If you’ve read the previous post you already know that I had the intention to switch Geeksband into personal blogging but due to the blog stats and the readers that have used our products and confess that they’ve met their expectations and needs, I couldn’t make this big move so I take back what I’ve said and instead I promise to rock this blog in its coming year.

Thank you all

So far, I want to thank all the users who have used one of our products and share it on their own website or all over the web, because when we started Geeksband, I and my dear friend Zakariya was just having fun and we didn’t put any effort at the site, neither marketing nor regular content updating and you can see it in the archives, we barely update the blog, all we’ve done is uploading some of our own HTML templates¬† and a little SEO that’s actually bringing us some traffic to some of our articles and we’re grateful that we get an average of 10000 visitors a month whom we can share our thoughts with.

Some stats

After one year, AllKickass is now :

  • 49177 Visits
  • 44059 Unique Visitors
  • 77551 Pageviews
  • +500 followers on twitter and it’s growing.



  1. Ay says:

    Wish you the best, just keep going !

  2. siong goo says:

    Congratulations and I wish you the best for the coming years !

  3. yopi* says:

    yu es joli beaucoup hhhhh

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