First of all I want to apologize for my absence in the couple last months, I had some exams and then I’ve traveled to the countryside to take a rest. Now, enough from the personal life talking and let’s go ahead to the point. It has been nine months since we’ve launched geeksband with its first version, it had a very simple boxed layout with the classic two column blog style,  and as you know, life in the countryside is really simple and quiet which inspired me to make a new version of geeksband as simple and calm as possible, and what you see now is what I got yesterday night after three nights of brainstorming and design. This new version has came also with some changes on the whole concept of the website, we’re kinda returning to the 2009′s old school concept of Geeksband.


Who says that with only lines of codes you can make outstanding Icons, Logos and Animations ? Nowadays, and since the introduction of CSS3, web designers have proofed that it has no limits and it may be the future.

Here is a list of cool stuff with pure CSS3 that I have handpicked from the web and which will blow your eyes. But first, some demos will not display correctly if you don’t have Google Chrome or Safari, I think they’re the only browsers that can read all this magic.

Error 404 pages are created to help visitors go back to the home page when they land on error pages. So it’s something really important to have in your website or blog, and that’s why I’ve collected the best 404 error page HTML templates that I’ve found in the web in this article.

Today I’m glad to release a new freebie, Our latest HTML5 and CSS3 template : Source X SRT. The template has all different kinds of layouts, from blog to contact page, so if you look for a professional dark HTML template, Source X SRT may meets your expectations.


One of the most popular posts on Geeksband is the collection of 15 beautiful under construction and coming soon pages, which shows their importance for new web projects, and also that the Internet has newborns (websites) everyday, which means by itself that the competition is getting harder and harder everyday.