One of the most popular posts on Geeksband is the collection of 15 beautiful under construction and coming soon pages, which shows their importance for new web projects, and also that the Internet has newborns (websites) everyday, which means by itself that the competition is getting harder and harder everyday.

Now, let’s talk about serious stuff. There are two versions of Soon MF, one with an e-mail form and social networks buttons, and the other without the e-mail form. The template is based on two principal colors, Black and yellow.

Except the background and the social networks buttons, everything is text (a big thanks to CSS3), so for example, you can replace Coming Soon with Under Construction.

You’ll find more social buttons with the template file, just in case you want to add or replace the actual ones. And finally, here are demos and downloads

Soon MF with an e-mail form


DEMO      |      DOWNLOAD

Soon MF without e-mail form


DEMO      |      DOWNLOAD


  1. Ay says:

    Thanks for the nice coming soon page, I like the one without the email form

  2. Youssef Nassim says:

    You’re welcome Ay

  3. Caesar says:

    @Youssef Nassim

    Hello! Would it be possible to get a Google Plus Social Network Icon? I checked the files and didnt see it…

    Thanks and I dig the template a lot!


  4. Caesar says:

    Wow, I’m pretty surprised at the turn-around time of you presenting the image. I guess I expected my message to get ignored lol! Thank you very much!

  5. Youssef Nassim says:

    You’re welcome !

  6. Caesar says:

    One more question! Is there a line of code or a simple cut and paste method of making the entire page “Responsive”? I’m just learning about HTML so I dont know how complicated it is to make websites “Responsive”…

  7. sli says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing. I dont know, but i can’t receive emails. I have change twice the “” (index.html) into my own email address, but i didn’t receive any mails.

    What line does i must change to receive emails from my website visitors?


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  9. fanaticanz says:

    Where the subcribe e-mail saved?

    • Youssef Nassim says:

      It goes nowhere (well, to the same page) you should get a php script for it, it’s just HTML and CSS so you need the programming part.

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  11. ET says:

    I wonder how you made that disortion in the uc.png, it looks realy awesome. Is it some kind of filter?

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  15. abel says:

    It goes nowhere (well, to the same page) you should get a php script for it, it’s just HTML and CSS so you need the programming part.

  16. Hi, excuse my ignorance but how do you paste your information on the page and publish it? I have downloaded it but it just came with a bunch of files “fonts” “images” a “index.html” image and a safari file “style.css”. Hive I got the right file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for this page!

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