First of all I want to apologize for my absence in the couple last months, I had some exams and then I’ve traveled to the countryside to take a rest. Now, enough from the personal life talking and let’s go ahead to the point. It has been nine months since we’ve launched geeksband with its first version, it had a very simple boxed layout with the classic two column blog style,  and as you know, life in the countryside is really simple and quiet which inspired me to make a new version of geeksband as simple and calm as possible, and what you see now is what I got yesterday night after three nights of brainstorming and design. This new version has came also with some changes on the whole concept of the website, we’re kinda returning to the 2009′s old school concept of Geeksband.

New design info

The first thing you’re gonna notice is the pureness, simplicity and colorlessness of the new design, just gray n white which was the simplest couple I could think of, and the links are in pink. The logo has also changed to fit with the new design, it’s made with the Bebas Neue font because I thought it’ll be the most suitable font with the new style. The contact page is now more professional, it contains more information than before. You’ll notice also that there is less ads just to make the navigation better and calmer. The new design is also a boxed layout but this time the background is going to change according to events and occasions.

Back to 2009′s concept

When we first started, Geeksband was just a kind of our small band portfolio (that’s why we called it Geeksband) to gather our works, because back at the time we had a video editor, a writer and two graphic designer which are me and Zakariya and who are still the only ones at Geeksband today. This is an excerpt of our 2009 about page.

Geeks Band Productions first started making funny videos, trailers, graphic designs and pubs then the idea of making short films came and push us to work hard in order to improve our performance.

We are still students so we sacrifice our free time to create short films, trailers, music videos, online web series, designs and writing. Our first short story which written by Abdelhamid was “Blood Mess”, actually we still preparing to film it [...]

[...] GeeksBand otherwise said is an Audiovisual community, it is for the impassioned of graphic art, making of videos and short movies, cinema, internet, music and video games, everything that touches the Geek.

As you noticed, we’ve tried to take it from just a portfolio to a geeks community but because of university, the band was gathering only at holidays and like that our activity on the internet as Geeksband was dead. 2009_geeksband

Whatever, we aren’t back 100% to the old concept because after all, the members of the band are still a little busy, just another couple of years at college and we’ll be totally free. So, we can’t actually make new videos or graphic designs but the new updates of the website will be around our personal life and experiences, and don’t worry about the webmaster and webdesign articles, I’m keeping them in the archives forever.

Finally, This version is still under the beta phase, there is a lot more to add, I’m thinking about a slider after the header or a whole custom home page beside the blog. Whatever, I’m waiting your suggestions and feedback, Enjoy the new version !


  1. Kaab says:

    Good job Youssef . Just keep going

  2. Ay says:

    I liked the black ‘n’ white style. I see it would be better if you add three or four featured articles after the header in small inlined boxes like what you did in Boxpress template, the rest is cool, I like simplicity.

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