This is my first Humor article on Geeksband and I want to dedicate it for a subject that really touches me.
There is a bunch of things that make you feel angry or disgusted on the web and maybe you can find them here.

Like beggars

They are everywhere (like haters in youtube videos…), they beg in comments, celebrity pages, real world and lot of places. “Like my page please, it’s so funny”, “I have a new page, please I beg you to like it and share it”, these are some of their ways asking likes. You found them in famous facebook pages, they post links of their pages in comments of images that have no relation with them, they just want to get more likes on their useless and pathetic pages !

Spam comments  

I’m talking specifically about blogs comments. Some new websites, especially those of SEO and e-marketing, post automatic comments on blogs everywhere no matter what is the article about.

One day, I shared a video from youtube in my old personal blog, it was a song cover that I really liked. So, instead of finding comments like “Good cover, better than the original” or “she has a nice voice”, I found “Good article, I get much information from it, I like your writing but your blog need to be customized by our SEO tools…” and I was like get out of here”

Websites with extremely ugly designs

I really hate these websites, I’m not discouraging their owners but I’m just expressing my pathetic feeling toward their genius designs.

They appear in my nightmares, they are a crime against humanity. It’s really a bad thing that I feel sorry for them, especially when they have interesting content…Here is some examples I’m talking about:

Link 1, Link 2,, the last one has a plenty of examples

So please, do your best to make your websites look like mine beautiful and elegant, just do it simply, simplicity is more fabulous than any super or high-tech designs.

At the end, I want to say that I was just joking, and I want to express my respect toward people I was talking about.

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  1. Omar says:

    “Websites with extremely ugly designs” lol :) I really hate them.

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